Using swoole in laminas MVC


We have web application based on laminas MVC, know we need use swoole on it, i see mezzio swoole repo, can we use it in our MVC app?

Or can we create simple mezzio app by same vendor and auto louder by MVC app, than use MVC services in mezzio handlers?

Why do you need to use Swoole?

No, the prefix of this package and the different organisation where the package is listed on GitHub is an indicator that mezzio-swoole is a component for Mezzio and will not work with laminas-mvc.

If you want to use Swoole you need to migrate your whole application to Mezzio first.

laminas-mvc in general will not work with Swoole, Roadrunner or something similar. The architecture does not allow this at the moment.

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Thank you for your information, I will reply with full information, just we are reviewing some other methods, after find the true path I will ask you again


Just its a very good tools,perhaps I can handle my problem whit it