Is there a bug fix for #6383 for zend framework 3?

I’ve got the bug #6383 in zend framework 3 described in This bug is set to closed but its not fixed for “zendframework/zend-db” : “^2.8”.
Is this bug really fixed and in which version of “zendframework/zend-db”?

zend-db package repository is in
Check there and open an issue if it is not fixed.

If you had followed the link posted by gary on that issue, you would have
understood that a new issue on zend-db is required, if relevant :wink:

Marco Pivetta

FYI, no ‘gary’ can be seen in comments on issue #6383

My bad! That would have been that “Geeh” on that issue :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the helpful answer.

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