Laminas-db Metadata column errata

Hi in metadata what is the intended purpose for variable $erratas, For mysql currently it save permitted_values key. For other it save empty array

From what I see it is kind of as catch all variable that can be set differently for each engine

I have requirement to mark whether the column is auto_increment is it best to put it there ?

I’m extending MysqlMetadata and on loadColumnData function

# Adding EXTRA column
$isColumns = [
   ['C', 'EXTRA']

# Put the column value in erratas
$erratas['auto_increment'] = (strpos($row['EXTRA'], "auto_increment") === false ? false : true);

For postgres adding identity column since version 10
Also extending PostgresqlMetadata

$isColumns = [

$erratas = [
    'is_identity'              => 'YES' === $row['is_identity'],
    'identity_generation'      => $row['identity_generation'],
    'identity_start'           => $row['identity_start'],
    'identity_increment'       => $row['identity_increment'],
    'identity_minimum'         => $row['identity_minimum'],
    'identity_maximum'         => $row['identity_maximum'],
    'identity_cycle'           => $row['identity_cycle'],
    'is_generated'             => $row['is_generated'],