SQL errors with OAuth authentication with laminas-authentication-oauth

Hi there,

long story short i wanted to get started with mezzio/laminas so i decided to take a peak and build a simple rest API. I found myself quickly setting up and adapting to mezzio, great. First thing i needed is authentication, mezzio-authentication-oauth2 seems fitting.

I followed the docs (without writing anything on my own) and it came down to sql errors (Incorrect integer value for...). I could just change the columns type and then the whole system is working, with the minor drawback of varying (unclear) value types in the respective database entries. The culprit columns are user_id and client_id in oauth_access_tokens, which depending on the type of grant that gets used have either a numeric id value or the alphanumeric name value written to.

So what could have gone wrong? In my opinion i have followed the documentation step-by-step without any code written on my own (used the middleware from here Authorization server - mezzio-authentication-oauth2 - Laminas Docs).

Could somebody guide me to resolving this issue? Is there an error in the documentation or am i supposed to implement some part on my own and missed that?

did you solve this? did you know about JWT?