Laminas Modules


Do you have a list of some useful and important modules for laminas (MVC)?

I am looking at MVC tutorials and trying to build an Album module, its very lock lock to our old platform modules (Pi Engine Modules · GitHub) and I want to work on one of them to convert to laminas, Just I need to check some other projects to get more information


I have no list but I think GitHub can help here:

Which module would you like to rewrite? Maybe we can work on this here?

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I like to start by user module ( pi/usr/module/user at develop · pi-engine/pi · GitHub ) and authentication, after that some modules like shop and video

The first problem I see: these modules are not zend-mvc or laminas-mvc modules which are supported by the old and the new module manager.
Do you want to extract these modules and use this as laminas-mvc modules?

Yes, this is my plan

Our module system uses the old way, we created our own module manager ( for install / uninstall / update and deactivate modules ) and custom service manager for Pi-engine and do some methods as middleware, Now laminas support all of them

I want to try to create a simple package as an assessment lib from pi-engine codes and install it by composer alongside MVC, remove our module manager and all static methods ( they works instead middleware, service manager, module manager packages ). and port all of our modules as MVC module, then everyone can use the modules,

But first, I want to port one of the Pi modules by basic features to laminas for learning deep

Creating a new package as a mvc module is not the problem but all your static methods. :see_no_evil: