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Hello everyone

We worked on CMS/Platform based on ZF2/ Laminas MVC that called Pi Engine, check it on : GitHub - pi-engine/pi: Multi-tenant application development engine for cloud ready SaaS platform.

We started Pi 10 years ago, and today is changing time. we use MVC version 2.6 on pi, and need to update it to the new version, but we need to choose between focussing on MVC 3.X or moving project core on mezzio, I checked MVC 3.x and I think we need too many works to do for an update or perhaps our update be failed

We need your help and advice to choose our next step, Please review our project and share your comments and advice with us

Thank you very much

here a list of some of our modules Pi Engine Modules · GitHub

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It looks like you have overwritten everything, so there will be a lot of work.

Looks like a different framework: :wink:

Question to you: Have you tried Mezzio for yourselves? Have you ever created an application or collected experience and got a feeling for it?

I think yes, we need many work, we have too many custom methods and each of them uses ZF/laminas classes

I like to get closer Pi to laminas MVC or Mezzio. and make it very simple

I try Mezzio just on my localhost. never deep work on it and don’t have any experience on it

Much has to be revised or even completely dropped. Here are two examples:

And here I see the biggest problems because there are too many proprietary solutions that do not use the actual structure or possibilities of laminas-mvc but still strongly coupled to the framework.
I think if you get rid of all this, then switching to a newer version of laminas-mvc will also work.

Uff, complete without tests! :scream:
Unfortunately, I don’t know how you’re going to refactor something.

Perhaps is we keep this project as a legacy version and start writing the new simple project by MVC or Mezzio is better. just use some methods and module codes, as your feedback update, this version takes too many times and in this time we can make a new one.

When we start this project we had planned to build something like Drupal CMS, But at this moment we need a simple module base platform. without deep customize

if I remember true, when we start this project test methods were not available on ZF ( or any other php projects )

But Mezzio or MVC?

PHPUnit exists since 2004 and version 1 of Zend Framework was developed with tests based on PHPUnit. So everything is and was there. :wink:

I’m sorry but I do not know your application, so unfortunately I can’t tell you what the best solution would be.
But you already have an application with modules therefore I would suggest to add tests, remove extra layers like your custom abstract controller, form and so on, and kill these static calls and other workarounds.
The benefits would be that your existing system can continue to be used and it will be updated piece by piece.
So don’t throw anything away, but rework it.

Look also on projects which provides integration like for Bootstrap and do not reinvent the wheel.

Thank you for your time and checking our project, Last night I think more about your words and our project history

I want to keep most of our codes and modules, but My knowledge of version MVC v2.7 and higher versions is very low. On the other hand, Changing the project requires a lot of precision and knowledge, and I need to read more about MVC

Perhaps is better I try to work with MVC in the next weeks and improve my knowledge, Our project designed base on ZF v2.0.0 and last changing structure was for ZF v2.4,

If you have another example of a project or resource , please let me know

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A very good decision! :+1:t3:

Do this and also ask questions here in the forum (as new threads) if you do not understand something or you are missing an explanation or a solution to a problem.

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Thank you very much for your help and advice