Laminas MVC Framework Course Free for Beginners on Udemy

Hello everyone.

I have created a course on Udemy that I wish to give away to beginners who wish to learn how to build a website using the Laminas MVC Framework, MySQL and Bootstrap 5.

What you will learn is:

  • how to create user accounts
  • how to authenticate
  • how to add flash messages to your application
  • how to recover lost passwords
  • how to update user data
  • how to send email to users
  • how to paginate data

The course is not yet complete I am still working on videos on how to restrict access to resources using authorization (specifically the laminas-permissions-acl).

Those interested can follow the link provided below to get the course free of charge. The course coupon will be available for the next 30 days to 100 people. If this sounds like something you would like to learn, here is the link - Build Secure & Interactive Web Applications With PHP 8.2+

Be sure to give honest review of the course so that I as the author can know what I could have done better. As they say the best way to learn is to teach.

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Hi @Pulecode,

Quick question: are you using any prebuilt packages (i.e. non Laminas) for your user management? Or will the student build these from scratch?


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Only Laminas components are used.