Laminas MVC Website - Australian Graphic Design Association

Hi everyone,

We’ve just launched the new National website for the Australian Graphic Design Association -

The site is built around our members, allowing them to contribute articles, classifieds, run events and submit work for our annual awards.

The site is built on top of Laminas MVC, with Auth/ACL and a custom Active Record component built on top of Laminas DB. There’s also a new DB Filter component to standardize the way lists/directories are shown and searched/filtered. There’s also a bunch of behind the scenes work to integrate with a custom CMS to help grow the site as we continue to add more functionality.

Would love to get any feedback or answer any questions about implementation. I’ve been a long time ZF1 contributor (DB, ACL, Mail) and have found the migration to ZF3 and then Laminas to be challenging but hugely rewarding. Still learning and still improving.

Is there any chance to publish the code on GitHub?
I would love to discuss implementation and architecture, but it’s quite hard without seeing any of it :slight_smile:

Not sure of the security implications - I might make a different ‘scratch’ site so some of the assets aren’t available, but yes I would also appreciate some critique on my code base.

Looks like I’ll have a lot more isolation time coming to get around to this :slight_smile:

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