Mezzio Navigation

Hi everyone,

I’m currently working on a Mezzio app and I’m trying to figure out how to use laminas-navigation to create a navigation system. I’ve been looking at the documentation, but I’m still not sure how to do it.
For a Mezzio application, choose config/config.php.
For a laminas-mvc application, choose either modules.config.php or application.config.php.
I’m specifically interested in creating a navigation system that uses Mezzio Pages.
what i expected something like :

> **class MezzioPage extends AbstractPage**

Can anyone give me some advice on how to use laminas-navi to create a navigation system for a Mezzio app that uses Mezzio Pages?


A little more work is needed and unfortunately no one has implemented or contributed this yet.

For the current implementation of laminas-navigation you need:

(I think, we should remove Mezzio from the installation page of laminas-navigation.)

what about this :

would you advise to use it? and why is that not part of framwork?

@froschdesign could you answer me please about zend expressive-navigation package…why is that not part of our framwork?

I already answered the question; see above:

Unfortunately, I also have little time and no one else has shown interest in doing the adaptations for Mezzio.

I’m currently working on moving to Mezzio so I’ll be working on it. If I finish it before someone else submits it then I will let ya know.

You may try this Package: mezzio-navigation.

But if you want to use Authorization too, you have to switch to mezzio-generic-authorization.

If you want to render the Navigation with Laminas-View, you also need the Package mezzio-navigation-laminasviewrenderer.