In the

class, there is a definition of session options in the constructor using ini_set. Wouldn’t it be possible to add an option to set these fields from an array from config with the session key like this (it would be consistent with other config options):

// file: config/autoload/
return [
    'session' => [
		'' => 'own_session_name',
		'session.cookie_secure' => true, 
		'session.cookie_httponly' = true,
        'persistence' => [
            'ext' => [
                'non_locking' => true, // true|false, true => marks read_and_close as true

You mean ini_get:

This offers the benefit of using the configuration of PHP itself and you will always have default values.
To override the configuration, you also can use your configuration file:

ini_set('', 'own_session_name');

return [
    // …

Create a feature request or send a pull request! :smiley:

Yes, of course ini_get. Thank you.