Migration of Zend 3 book from Oleg to Laminas

Hi all,

Like many of you back then I used as well the Zend 3 book by Oleg Krivtsov to learn about Zend. I hoped for a long time that the book would be rewritten/migrated to Laminas but it never happened. As I didn’t get any reply from Oleg I decided to do it myself.

You can find the book at Using Laminas Framework and it can now be directly edited on github. I would say it is now 90% finished. Some images need to be redone/modernized and some text restructured but all in all it is usable.

I will work this weekend on a last clean-up round just to see if I find bugs I missed before.

In general it would be great if others look over it and create bug reports or even better merge requests with changes. The more feedback the better. If you want to make bigger changes then maybe read first the README in the main repo: GitHub - modir/laminas-book

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Please see the tutorials in the official documentation, because the forms and input filters in the book are independent of the application. This means that standard and custom validators, filters or form elements that require a database adapter or some other preparation for creation cannot be used.

The topic auto-wiring is also completely missing. See Laminas\ServiceManager\AbstractFactory\ReflectionBasedAbstractFactory and the use in the tutorials from above.

Hi @froschdesign Thanks for the feedback. I will create two bug reports for these two topics. First I want to finish the migration of the Markdown from the openbook format to mkdocs. Afterwards I want to make the code more type-safe. And then I will go into your topics.

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