What is the best books for learning Laminas - Zend - Framework?

What is the best book for learning Laminas - Zend - Framework?

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If you’re looking for the “old” Zend Framework, I can recommend the books by @Ralf_Eggert. There are other publications, too, but I have not read them.

As for Laminas, I am not aware of any published book. I believe @settermjd is working on one. If you want, you could get in touch with him, if you’re interested in an early access.

My personal goto place is the official documentation, which provides both tutorials and a documentation for each component. If something is not clear, I usually look at the code or ask for help either here in the forum or in the chat.


@ae1080 there is a fresh laminas book on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B088B24K5S/

Hi,I will like to receive a copy of the book. I saw a post of you offering it.Thank you.

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I recommend also this one Using Zend Framework 3 by Oleg Krivtsov

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A good book in German:
Zend Framework 3
Das umfassende Handbuch

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I have one, called Mezzio Essentials. It’s not directly targetted at Laminas, rather at Mezzio, if you’re interested. Thanks for the support, @arueckauer!!

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