Migration of ZF-Commons components

Not sure if this the right forum to ask this since ZF-Commons is not part of Laminas.

Are there plans to migrate the ZF-Commons components to Laminas?

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There are no plans to migrate these components but there are maintained packages like oxcom/zend-twig.
Are you looking for something special?

I use the ZfcUser package in my app. I was just wondering if there will be a Laminas version of it. I know there are forks of it that are now Laminas but I rather use a version that is maintained by an organization rather than an individual (and this is not a judgement of the individual’s capability).

Like I said, this is probably not the place to discuss the roadmap of libraries that are not part of the Laminas project. I raised the issue in this forum since many of the contributors to Laminas as also contributors to ZFCommon.

I am willing to help out if needed.

Mat Wright has created the GitHub organization Laminas-Commons where we want to hold the former ZF-Commons packages.

There are packages for LmcUser (formerly ZfcUser), LmcRbac(formerly ZfcRbac). ZfcUserDoctrineMongoODM is also in progress.

This is still work in progress.

I think you should include a note on GitHub that it is not an official organisation and that the name “Laminas” is trademarked. This helps you, the Laminas project and all users.

So what constitutes an “official organisation”? Was ZF-Commons an official organisation?
Who owns the “Laminas” trademark to that we can say “Laminas is trademark of…”?

I am not opposing your request as you are right to state that we do not own the Laminas name. Just want to make sure I understand the implications.

We started this organisation because it looked like Zf-Commons was not being maintained anymore, no commits in many years. So we wanted to create a place where these packages can be migrated to Laminas and benefit from people wanting to help maintain them.

So let me ask a different question:

Is the Laminas organisation providing a place/portal or something else for the Laminas community to post packages/components?

I mean your organisation does not belongs to the official Laminas Project. This should be clear to the user otherwise you will get support questions for components like laminas-db or laminas-form. :wink:

Laminas Project a Series of LF Projects, LLC

It’s nice to see that the packages are being taken care of. Open Source makes it possible!

Migrations of ZfcUser, ZfcRbac and ZfcUserDoctrineMongoODM are complete and available.

Is there a place on Laminas Forums to publicize that?

Otherwise, check out https://github.com/Laminas-Commons