Migration of ZF-Commons components

Not sure if this the right forum to ask this since ZF-Commons is not part of Laminas.

Are there plans to migrate the ZF-Commons components to Laminas?

There are no plans to migrate these components but there are maintained packages like oxcom/zend-twig.
Are you looking for something special?

I use the ZfcUser package in my app. I was just wondering if there will be a Laminas version of it. I know there are forks of it that are now Laminas but I rather use a version that is maintained by an organization rather than an individual (and this is not a judgement of the individual’s capability).

Like I said, this is probably not the place to discuss the roadmap of libraries that are not part of the Laminas project. I raised the issue in this forum since many of the contributors to Laminas as also contributors to ZFCommon.

I am willing to help out if needed.