Renaming the Laminas-Commons GitHub Organization due to trademark issues

As you may know, Mat Wright and I have created the Laminas Commons GitHub organization to give a home to some the former ZF-Commons libraries like ZfcUser and ZfcRbac and ported them to use the Laminas framework.

The Linux Foundation (i.e. legal at LF) has reached out to us because the name Laminas Commons on GitHub is using the Laminas trademark and are asking us to change it to avoid confusion with the Laminas Projects.

We did not create Laminas Commons with a commercial objective in mind but rather as a place to host community-driven open-source libraries for the Laminas framework, the same way, I suppose, ZF-Commons was created.

We want to make things right and I believe that having a community-driven GitHub organization with commonly used libraries will only strengthen the Laminas framework in the future.

Does the Laminas Organization and community have suggested names to replace Laminas Commons that would be suggestive enough for developers to make the link to Laminas without causing issues with trademarks?

Has there been any talks or discussions on creating a Laminas community on GitHub where developers can contribute librairies and modules?

Let us know

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Based on the previous name: “LM-Commons” (“LM” can stand for “Laminas” or “Laminas and Mezzio”)

Or “LMC” / “Lmc” like in your components: LmcCors

Thanks @froschdesign for the suggestion.