Multiple REST services for an API

I want to have multiple REST services for an API in Laminas API Tools on the Admin screen. Is there a way to do it? If yes, how this can be done?

Hey @sanjivsharmalv,

you can easily add as much REST services as you want in the Laminas API Tools admin panel. I 've taken a screenshot from my holiday project, to picture what to do.

On the image you can see the left sidebar of the Laminas API Tools admin panel. On the first level you will see the available APIs. Directly below you see the three Rest Services that are assigned to the API. To add another Rest API just click on the New Service Button. That 's all.

If you 're using Doctrine with Laminas API Tools there 's a very good documentation on how to add a new Doctrine based Rest Service.

I did notice the side bar link ‘New Service’ every time I only clicked the central panel No REST services, 'create a new one’ After you create a service there is no ’create a new one’ link in the central panel. That lead to the confusion. Thank you for the useful tip that can help me in organizing my APIs better.