Prismic + Mezzio = "Primo" - Headless CMS Bootstrap Project

I’ve been using Prismic - ( for a few years now to build content managed websites for clients with ZF2, Expressive and then Mezzio. There’s a lot of boilerplate involved when starting a new website, so I’ve released a complete working “skeleton” along with a few handy libs that build on top of Mezzio and Laminas components for what I think is a really solid foundation for content managed web sites, particularly where much of the site might need to be translated, have a team of non-technical editors, need scheduled releases et al.

The api client netglue/prismic-client is a replacement for the ageing and neglected official client (It’s all about the JavaScript at Prismic).

There’s the netglue/primo library which provides common, reusable functionality for integrating the api client with a Mezzio application.

Finally, the “Primo Skeleton” is the “Opinionated” app built out of the Mezzio skeleton… :point_left: That’s not on packagist btw.

Having tried a ton of CMS ‘solutions’ over the years such as Contentful, WordPress and others, I advocate Prismic, not least because it doesn’t send markup back to the client but ‘structured’ JSON… blah, blah, blah… Anyhow, there’s a demo site which is the vanilla install of the skeleton at… I’d be grateful for some feedback and delighted if any of you in the Laminas community would like to try it out!

Hopefully it might save you some time or save you from maintaining a WordPress installation for a client :wink: