Problem with large url encoded form post hanging at point of dispatch - really weird and can't figure it out

Hi everyone,

Long time Zend/Laminas dev but first time posting here as I have an issue that’s confounding me.

Laminas Framework
PHP 7.0.33
Vue JS application

I have a large URL encoded post request (circa 300kb) that is being sent to Laminas but it seems to be timing out.

I’ve done some debugging and I can get to the onDispatch method in AbstractActionController fine and do a var_dump on $_POST and everythig is OK.

However it seems to hang on the line $actionResponse = $this->$method();

I place a var_dump/ exit; at the beginning of the function in my controller but it doesn’t get there and hits the fcgid timeout.

The weird thing are :

  1. It seems to be fine with smaller post requests
  2. If i send from NetUtils in Firefox it’s fine

So it doesn’t appear to be an AXIOS issue in VueJS it seems to be getting lost somewhere between onDispatch() and reaching the start of the function.

Any help in diagnosing what’s causing this would be really appreciated

-Craig Henry

Hey Craig,

as you statet out it is an url encoded form post request. Your $_POST data should be fine. Can you check if the $method variable in AbstractActionController::onDispatch() has the value you expect?

If you have a debugging tool at hand try to set stop points to check the actual state. Eventually an exception or error is thrown, which is silently catched?

As far as I know, the max encoded URL length is 2,048 characters.