Single page application with vue

I want to ask something ,I hope I get help.
I want make single page application in front-end I use Vue js And in Backend I use zend or laminas.
Is that possible !
I searched for this topic I did’t found in any place !!!
please if anyone have experiences with this subject need help ?


Hey Ahmed,

welcome to the laminas forums. To answer your question: yes, it is possible.

Currently, I work with the same conditions. The frontend is based on a JavaScript framework and the backend uses the Laminas API tools. Beside the API tools you can use Laminas Mezzio. You should think about authentication and authorization. I guess you 're not using open APIs from where everyone can request data.

To keep it short: Yes, you can use Laminas (API Tools or Mezzio). You could even use Laminas components to access the request body and send a JSON response. But the API Tools or Mezzio can do this already for you.

Hi ezkimo,
Thank you very much for the help ,I really appreciate


@ezkimo is right here, all is possible. You can use laminas-mvc, laminas-api-tools, Mezzio or only some components from Laminas to create an application as backend for JavaScript frontend with Vue or something else.

A typical REST application decouples the backend from the frontend and you will find many helpful libraries to create and test your application / API.