ZF2 as front end and codeigniter as backend

Hey there!!
I am new to ZF and i was wondering if we could use ZF2 as frontend (web applications) and codeigniter as it’s backend (web services)!
If we can do this please guide me how to do this as i am upto making a Authentication mini project in ZF2 but only frontend.

Generally speaking, when you talk about “frontend” frameworks, you’re talking about Javascript frameworks that run in the browser, such as React, Angular, Vue, etc., and these communicate to backend, server-side applications using XHR, Fetch, etc., receiving either HTML, XML, or JSON responses that they then use to update the page.

As such, I’m a bit confused by your question: ZF and CodeIgniter are both server-side application frameworks, and, as such, can be used to deliver HTML web pages or API payloads (web services).

When you use the word “web application” in relation to “frontend”, what are you meaning, exactly? Knowing what you’re trying to build will better allow us to provide you useful information.

okay thanks @matthew
I explain you now. I’m making a project and my lead told me to use view and controller of ZF but not model. In case of model he wanted me to use custom web services from another server. We are going to two different servers for the process. so moreover i just want to know if we could use 3rd party custom services into zend???

Absolutely. Anything you can do with PHP, you can do in ZF.

okay great.
Thanks @matthew :slight_smile: