Use 'identity' in mezzio-authentication-session instead of 'username'

I’ve heard some complaints about mezzio-authentication-session, and I’m trying to seize the opportunity to contribute.
This lib is covering the username/password authentication use-case and it is also perfect for email address/password authentication as it is only different (technically) in the naming. The only thing holding it back to become perfect for the latter is that It can be quite annoying to read “username” everywhere while handling email addresses.
Is there a chance to convert this lib to a use-case of identity/password, or identity/credentials authentication. Of course it consists of code changes as well as documentation changes to have a consistent naming convention.
I’ve checked and if I didn’t miss something the laminas-authentication component also uses the name “identity”, so we could make these packages more consistent with each other.
What do you think?

Good catch. This concept is already proposed at It gets hairy when the entity authenticating isn’t a user at all but instead an OAuth2 Client. I’ve considered contributing to that as well but haven’t had the time to dig in.