ZF1 controller dispatch failing after EASYCOM middleware call in PHP7.1

I am trying to implement Aura EASYCOM middleware to access data via an IBMi program call.
The program call is successful and returns data, but it fails with an ‘internal server error’ when ZF1 tries to render the view.

I have tracked down the error to line 955:
$dispatcher->dispatch($this->_request, $this->_response);
in file:

Is the ‘internal server error’ possibly mean it is calling the dispatcher recursively and running out of memory (only my uneducated guess).
This failure occurs in PHP7.1, it works correctly in PHP 5.4.

Any advise would be gratefully recieved

Two things here:

  1. IBMi is generally to be avoided. If possible, just deploy on a standard linux server anywhere in the world and then connect to whatever legacy system you need to talk to and do RPC without deploying directly on that machine. There was work to make it compatible with PHP stuff over the years, but it’s way past the ZF1 era, and it’s just a can of worms in general, especially if you don’t have advanced PHP knowledge.

  2. ZF1 is no longer maintained, so you won’t receive any support/bug fixes for it. If the software you are implementing now is founded on ZF1 then pull the handbrake and pick something more recent and at least under security maintenance.

As for the call you highlighted there, that’s just the front controller deciding what to do next (usually “which controller to pick”). That needs manual dev work/debugging.

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yes, a can of worms with a lot of bugs thrown in! All I want to do is move forward to a supported version of Zend Server. Zend/IBMs alternative to EASYCOM for calling programs is their XMLService, this also has it’s own set of issues and bugs.

I have considered the Linux route, i think it is definitely a good long-term plan to aim for.

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