PHP 7 and Zend Framework 1.12


we work in the possibility to run Zend 1.12 application in PHP 7. actually we use php 5.6.

my question : is there any possible issues of using PHP 7 with Zend 1.12 application.


is there any possible issues of using PHP 7 with Zend 1.12 application.

Two main problems:

  • ZF1 doesn’t support PHP7, that’s mean: the entire code was never tested against PHP7
  • ZF1 itself is no longer supported

Please see also: Zend Framework 1 End-of-Life Announcement

first Thanks for your answer.

one more thing : if i run an existing zf1 using php7 i could have issues?

Thanks for your help

Yes, you could face issues, so make sure you have an extensive test suite
for your application before trying.

First of all thanks for your answer,

After i install sample zf1 application and run it in PHP7 everything work as expected.

i have question is there an unit testing for zend framework library. my purpose is take zf1 library unitTesting and run it using php7


Yes, see on
how to run them

Look also at the issue tracker and pull requests for problems with PHP7. Zend_Session should has some problems and also other components.

But why do want to change the PHP version? I see no reason for this. My suggestion: invest your time and energy to migrate your application.

Thanks a lot for your help.
the idea is that we have application provide web service to other applications. and we need to focus on migration of the applications and keep the current web service application.

my question was about the web service application.

Thanks a lot .

Actually, the last few 1.12 versions were tested against PHP 7.0, but not 7.1.

Zend Server customers get patches for 1.12 still, and we’ve provided some with 7.1 support this year. Those are not in the public repository, however, as they were commissioned after the EOL, and as part of Zend Server SLAs. My point being: if you need more breathing room, that’s another option.

Very useful informations.
can your provide me link where i can find that zf1.12 was tested using php 7.0? so i can use it as officiel source of information

thanks a lot you help a lot.

PHP 7 support was added here:

Those changes were released with version 1.12.10 on 24 Jan 2015.

A number of other patches were merged after that to address additional issues found by users running PHP 7, but that’s the primary one.

Do not forgot:

    - php: 7
    - php: hhvm


we use php7.0 actually.

thanks you so much. now i can use your link tp proove that zf1.12 is compatible with php 7 and we can put the target application.

thanks a lot for your help and your support

Yes, but the last release build passes PHP 7:

Open issues for PHP7:

OK Sir.

you save my day. i have the honor to learn from you.


I see a problem here: we have been communicating for some time that PHP7 is not official supported and this is what allow_failures says. Is this wrong now?

My main point is that while allow_failures was set, the tests were passing, which indicates strong confidence that the code will run under that platform. There may be edge cases, certainly, but the only ones I’ve had directly reported that needed fixing under the Zend Server SLAs were due to PHP 7.1 so far.

Btw, Magento seems to still maintain Zf1 after it went EOL:

I don’t think so, otherwise they would allow new issue reports.