Zip Archives unter Test Folder


i got a question. Serveral Laminas Components are including zip archives or other archives in their
for example …/laminas/laminas-loader/test/_files/

As i am not allowed to push such archives in my project, iam wondering if these file are necessary? All files are located under a test folder.

It would be great if someone has an answer.



Hello and welcome to our forums! :smiley:

Right, these archives are required to test the features of the different components like:

Thanks for your reply,

… und Grüße in meine Heimat Halle… bin auf der Suche nach Kontaktmöglichkeiten über dein Github Profil gestolpert.

I hope you can still work and Composer completes the installation. The unit tests of the different components are downloaded if the require-dev section is included during installation or update. To run your own tests, the tests of the components are not needed, unless you want to contribute to the development of the components.

Herzlichen Dank und Grüße vom Reileck! :smiley: