Create data-driven WebApps in record speeds with onePlace - a Laminas based PHP Application Framework

Greetings folks,

since 2008 i am developing a software framework called “onePlace”. It started on Zend Framework V1 and the beta version of my 10th release PLC X based on the latest Zend Framework 2/3 Modules following the MVC standards ( so no PSR-15 ). The final stable 1.0.0 of my framework, where all my experience from developing high availabilty, business critical apps will flow into, is based on laminas-mvc.
it was always my goal to create an application framework, that allows you to implement very complex
business logic and data in a nice and clean interface, at record speeds. So the focus of the framework
is flexibility and maximum freedom of choice. for experienced coders, it allows you to create e.G e CRM Application with Contacts, Articles, Jobs - in under a Week - with your own data structure, own layout.

I will release all of my 60+ Modules, like Contacts, Articles (for e.G Onlineshops), Jobs (Generate Offers,Bills), Member / Resident Manager, and so much more under BSD-3 Licence for the first time. So i will go 100% opensource with all my code. There are Wordpress Plugins and more 3rd Party Plugins that interact with onePlace, that will also be released. So you can use data managed in onePlace in e.G Wordpress (one use case is a online shop which is in production at e.G or - both sites are in German. i am working on demo pages in different languages)

This means, that by the end of february, when i will be done migrating and opensourcing all code - there will be 60+ fully working, stable modules based on Laminas. It will enable you to build any kind of business application you can imagine.

I have customers across a lot of industries, and will also provide examples to show what you can do with oneplace.

As it is my first opensource project, there will be a lot to learn regarding documentation, coding standards and more. so i am very happy about feedback in any form regarding my project. you are welcome to contribute in any form. also thanks to @xerkus for assisting me during the first phase of releasing my project.

The Core Application, User Manager, Skeleton Module (to create own/new modules, all my other modules are forks of Skeleton), and Tag Manager are already on a minimal working stable version and released

If you need any help setting up and testing oneplace, let me know. i am aware that there is still a lot to improve regarding the installation and configuration process.

Also i started writing the docs, i will add a lot more in the coming days and weeks

any feedback is very appreciated - let me know what you need to know, or how i can improve my docs so its easier for you to understand.

Kind Regards

Creator of onePlace