I am get Making Multivendor online store like Amazon So Want to Know Zend framework is better for me?

I am get Making Multivendor online store like Amazon So Want to Know Zend framework is better for me? I am confuse about it which framework should i use some people suggest me Laravel is best and some Zend framework. So I want to know which one i have to use and why? because i want my web store secure and reliable for everyone. Please help me about this i don’t want any trouble in future so please suggest me perfect answer.


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There is no best Framework. They all have their own way in doing things. Choose the one you are comfortable with. Zend Framework, Symfony and Laravel are all stable frameworks with active development, security updates and bugfixes. However a bug free framework doesn’t give you a secure and reliable application. It’s all about the way you code your application.

If I would start a new application I would use zend-expressive or Symfony, but that’s personal preference as I don’t like the way how Laravel does things.

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Zend Framework is excellent. Use it and good luck.

Hi @eway ,

I don’t know about Zend framework 2 ( I have not tried to use it as a framework ) . I have used some of its components.

Zend framework 1 and Zend framework 2 are different. It is same for Symfony 1 and Symfony 2 if you have used. But the api’s are almost the same I guess ( according to the components I have used ) . Zend framework 2 uses various 5.3 + features like namespaces etc. So no one should expect they can just upgrade from 1 to 2. ( That is an old topic )

Regarding your usage of zend expressive authentication and authorization . Those are really new components, so it may take some time to have documentation.

And remember developers are like you, so feel free to look into the code and verify what they have written. Else if you just download some package without reading how it works, your data may be with someone else :wink: .

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Sounds like you had one bad experience with an unreleased module (as per
previous discussion thread) and now you feel like labelling the work of the
entire community as “undocumented”.

zend-expressive, zend-mvc and the majority of the zendframework components
have well defined interfaces, documentation and are stable (sometimes even
with LTS releases) and watched closely for BC compliance, so please do open
issues if you have problems with specific components.

As for the original question about what to pick: I would strongly endorse
going with one of zend-expressive, symfony 4 or slim for a new application.
These 3 are built in such a way that you can easily decouple core domain
and application logic, making upgrades easier.


Please keep in mind, the current versions of these modules are lower than 1.0.0 and not ready for production:

  • zend-expressive-authentication is 0.2.0
  • zend-expressive-authorization-acl is 0.1.1
  • zend-expressive-authorization-rbac is 0.1.2

There is a first pull request for a documentation. It would be good, if you can add some comments or suggestions for improvements.

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@eway — As others have noted, the documentation for the two modules you mention does not yet exist as we are still finalizing the components. It doesn’t make sense to document a component that could radically change before a stable release is made.

That said, there are pull requests that contain that documentation; we’re still reviewing it, and will merge it soon. If you need information on how to use the components, look at those pull requests.

Next, check your privilege, please. “Days ago I asked for … the documentation” assumes that the maintainers and contributors have nothing better to do than honor your every request and demand. The fact is that most contributors involved with the project work as volunteers, on their own time. They could be choosing essentially anything else to do with their time, but they are choosing to contribute. Please honor their time and treat them respectfully. If you are unsure how to treat people, we have a code of conduct for you to read.

Finally, I find offensive the fact that you came into a forum dedicated to a project to answer a question about said project by dumping on the project. Find another space to do that; further posts you make will be moderated.

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@matthew well noted and no offence meant.