Zend framework 1 + ExtJS 3.4

I had a need to create a small project (like a news feed) using a bundle of Zend Framework 1 and ExtJS 3.4. These are the versions I need to use, even though I know they’re out of date. But to review the products I think that I should start with them. Does anyone have experience with this bundle (link to repository)? This will greatly help me in the implementation.

Wow! It has been a decade that I worked on that stack. The project is still alive, but not public and I don’t work on it anymore. Don’t ask to ask! What’s your question?

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Unfortunately, the reason does not become apparent to me. The version 1 is outdated and not supported since 2016-09-28.
Another and more important problem: ZF1 is very different from version 2 or 3. This means you have to rewrite your project if you want to upgrade. And you will not get much support or help anymore.

My advice: use zend-expressive for a new project and get the interoperability for the future. (Bonus point: zend-expressive is much easier than ZF1 :smiley: )

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I have a second option: use a bundle of Zend framework 2 and Doctrine. This is a simpler option, only so I want to choose a more complex path, which is associated with the name of this topic :slight_smile:
Also do not rule out that I’m just wrong because I’m not familiar with both technologies and I’d better choose an implementation on Zend framework 2 and Doctrine

I’m confused. Are you talking about the support of an existing project based on ZF1 & ExtJS 3 or is it a new project?

The same here. Second option?!

Thanks for all!
I’m using second option sure :slight_smile: