ZF1 with React, Vue or ANgular

We are checking a ZF1 based CMS which comes with many interesting features despite being obviously out-of-date as to its core.

It is normally deployed with MooTools as to its JavaScript frontend framework

I was wondering if any experiment has ever been done to run either React, Vue or Angular on top of ZF1 ???

I’m aware that the question may sound odd - and it is - but I have may reasons to ask. PLease indulge me

ZF1 reaches End-of-Life on 28 September 2016!
This means no more updates, bug fixes and security fixes.


we know - the above said CMS comes with some very specific features, which is why it’s being considered despite being obsolete

That’s also why we are trying to find which of its pieces can be replaced with less obsolete pieces

We know nothing about the CMS or the name of the CMS. I see no chance to help here.

I advise and strongly recommend not to use this outdated system. You will get no security fixes for the underlying framework!

I’m aware - in fact it’s not an easy decision to make

The CMS is Social Engine

Do you have any idea whether Zend Framework 1 / Social Engine can be made to work with recent frontend frameworks like React, Vue or Angular?

Sorry, no. But I think you ask at the wrong place / community. You should ask the Social Engine community. React, Vue and Co. is not the playground of the ZF.

Btw. the CMS is still in development and I’m sure they know the status of ZF1.

Yes, any PHP backend can work with React/Vue/Angular as long as the API is
adapted to serve the appropriate data, but that still doesn’t mean that
picking something that relies on ZF1 under the hood for a new project is a
sensible choice.

Marco Pivetta



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Please believe I’m not happy about going with ZF1 and I’m not considering such an “extreme” choice lightly

Do you have experience of that framework?

How much trouble are we looking forward to, in your opinion, if we choose that?

Buddy, don’t go there. I’ve done ZF1 -> Expressive. It’s worth it. Well worth it when the code is making money. So for a large project with many, many plugins you got to ask yourself: what’s gone wrong?


It’s a tough sell, telling the money guys that they need to keep paying developers just so they stay afloat. Some do not listen. As - I’m guessing - has happened here. You’d do well to stand aside and watch those idiots sink.

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I’m sorry Kynx - I’m nota native english speaker - what do you mena by: “don’t go there”?

Don’t go… where? Don’t got with Social Engine? Or don’t try to start with ZF1 and then try to move to Expressive?

I’m assuming that by “I’ve done ZF1 -> Expressive” you mean that you dropped ZF1 to move to Expressive, correct?

Go ahead you will have no problem with any frontend framework

thanks - did you experiment with any of those?