I had ZendMathRand certified and it passed RNG testing!

I recently built a scratch card game and part of the process was to have it certified for RNG. Now as a long time ZendFramework developer I decided to use Zend\Math\Rand as a matter of curiosity to see if it would pass RNG testing which is a pre-requisite to have a game certified for online gambling.

After all, the library claimed “Zend\Math\Rand implements a random number generator that is able to generate random numbers for general purpose usage and for cryptographic scopes”

What is interesting is that /Zend/Math/Rand passed pretty much every die hard test except for the 1. BINARY RANK TEST for 6x8 matrices.

4 - 6x8 Binary Rank Test

This is the BINARY RANK TEST for 6x8 matrices. From each of six random 32-bit integers from the generator under test, a specified byte is chosen, and the resulting six bytes form a 6x8 binary matrix whose rank is determined. That rank can be from 0 to 6, but ranks 0,1,2,3 are rare; their counts are pooled with those for rank 4. Ranks are found for 100,000 random matrices, and a chi-square test is performed on counts for ranks 6,5 and <=4.

Despite failing the above test, the overall performance passed which is good news to anyone who wants to build games that will pass certification.

Feel free to take a look at the scratch cards!

If anyone is building games for the gaming industry, feel free to find me on skype: brendanjnash or whatsapp: +44 7498 105896,

I help my clients with gambling licensing, games and certification processes.


  • Brendan

For those who are interested, I have added an RNG test utility to github here: https://github.com/chateaux/gamblingtec-rng

Heya! What is the certification program/organisation/certificate?

Its a GA certificate.

You have me on skype, hit me up and I will go over it with you. Skype: brendanjnash