Issues with zend-mail; willing to contribute

Greetings, everyone.

I’m working on a personal project that involves zend-mail and I believe I’m finding a fair share of issues (see an example here). I’ve also noticed that it’s issues doesn’t seem to be getting much attention (I guess it’s kind of understandable, since reading mail is not as common a necessity as sending it).

So, first, I’d like to check if I’m correct in my assumption that zend-mail is really in this state currently (I’m trying to avoid calling it abandoned, seems a bit too much) and second, I’d like to offer myself to contribute to these and other issues with it. The only thing I’d ask to join in would be if I could get some pointers/mentoring, since I’ve never contributed to zf before and it’s OO structure can be a bit intimidating.


It had a new release 9 days ago. So I wouldn’t call it abandoned.

Help is always welcome. Details about contributing can be found here:

To speed up the PR / Review / Merge process:

  • Fix only 1 issue per PR.
  • Stick to the coding style,
  • Tests, tests, tests! Add tests.
  • For fixes against the stable release, issue the pull request against the “master” branch.
  • For new features, or fixes that introduce new elements to the public API (such as new public methods or properties), issue the pull request against the “develop” branch.

What I usually do is create tests to illustrate what is failing, fix the code and the tests should pass.

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Indeed, we just did a release that almost cleared the PR queue. What wasn’t merged is still there because no tests were provided.

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Thank you for the quick reply, @xtreamwayz and @ocramius. I’ve missed the release (guess I need to adjust my github notifications). Also, I now see that I was probably confused by Issues x PRs (Just noticed this, that is probably related to my issue).
Sadly my Unit Testing knowledge is near-zero (IKR?), but this definitely adds even more interest for me to dive into it. Hope I can help soon.

Thanks, again,

I strongly suggest pushing your testing skills against open issues then - if we get failing test cases, then we can merge fixes.

No test = no merge :wink:

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