Laminas tutorial


Can we expect more tutorials using Laminas?

I believe that compared to the competition, laminas has very few tutorials for users.

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I think the best one is this free book: Using Zend Framework 3 – A free and open-source book on ZF3 for beginners It is still about Zend Framework as nobody made changes to the name. In my point of view it is detailed enough to be like several tutorials together.

There are already many ideas to improvement the documentation and also for tutorials.

Laminas and the different sub-projects are community-supported, so any help is welcome.

Hello @Kriss_Kals.

I created a basic tutorial in Spanish.

Post in medium:

Or direct links to Youtube

Video 1:

Intro and instalation:

Video 2:

Custom Layout and DB configuration:

Video 3:

Create and edit tasks:

Video 4:

Delete a task:

Video 5:

Mark completed the task:

Video 6:

Final: refactorization create and edit form:

Playlist: Laminas - YouTube

Please, share it if you is useful.


Thanks for reply.

I don’t want to close the thread because it might be a good place to share experiences and examples.

Someone wise once said:

The same advice I have for a beginner applies to any developer. Read, question, and write. Don’t assume you’re better, or that your opinions or knowledge are superior; there’s always room for improvement.


Is there a larger project using laminas mvc available on github im public repo?

You can use GitHub to check where laminas-mvc is used: Network Dependents · laminas/laminas-mvc · GitHub

Or you can ask concrete questions.