Migrating from ZF 1.12 to Laminas mvc


I currently have an application under ZF 1.12 (MVC pattern) with PHP 5.5.11 and I want to migrate to Laminas-mvc with PHP 8.0.

I plan to migrate to ZF 2.4.13 then to ZF 3.0 as indicated on the various official topics.

Should I temporarily migrate to ZF 2.7 before ZF 3.0 ?

Can I aim for version 3.3.3 directly from ZF 2.4.13 ?

Thank you in advance for your recommendations !

Suggestion: do the easy changes first.

  1. upgrade your PHP version only - ZF 1.12 should work OK up to PHP 7.3. Already getting here will take time/effort, but it’s a less daunting task.

  2. switch to mezzio/mezzio, instead of going through the long (almost infinite) process of zend-mvc 2, then zend-mvc 3, then laminas-mvc 3 - it’s just not worth it.

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Thanks for your feedback !

Does a tutorial exist to migrate to Mezzio from ZF 1.X ?

Hello and welcome to our forums! :smiley:

The forum user @mtymek has published an example on GitHub of an integration between ZF1 and Mezzio (based on the old name “Zend Expressive”):

This helps to migrate an application step by step.

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Thank you for the link !

An article explaining a similar approach:

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