Migration from ZF 1.11

i have a website which is developed by zf 1.11. and now i want to upgrade it to use php 7.
what is the best way to handle it? Is there a way to migrate to zf3 or laminas directly or should i first change it to zf2?
or any other ideas would be really appreciated

many thanks

If it’s ZF1, it’s probably an MVC-ish architecture, so it is probably simpler to migrate to Laminas\Mvc first.

Hi @afarin,
I also have to migrate some projects to the PHP 7 branch. :upside_down_face: For those projects I used components of ZF 1.1.12 but not MVC. I used my own implementation of the MVC. :wink: With this migration I amb going to use Laminas MVC and its components. I amb going to keep you up to date of my progress. :sunglasses: