Need a new pinned repository for Laminas

There are currently two pinned repositories at
I propose a 3rd pinned repository be added for
because the existing repositories do not include a code of conduct and .github has other good files which describe interacting with Laminas.

I saw a document once which described the requirements to submit code to Laminas including a disclaimer/license (I don’t know the link). If .github is the wrong repository to pin then a repository with this document and the code of conduct should be pinned.

GitHub already uses these files on different places in a repository. Examples:

laminas-form is not the first place I’m going to look for this information. That is why I think it belongs on the github organization front page.

laminas-form is only an example. The same information can be found in every repository.

We will adopt your proposal but instead of a pinned repository which is only template, we will add a page to website / documentation.

(At the moment it does not seem that GitHub supports links for code of conduct, contributing guidelines or licence on an organisation page.)