Packaging Apigility


I am new to the forum and Apigility. I am trying to package Apigility (rpm). Anyone else tired this before? Are there any pointers or online documentation/tutorial I could look at?

Thanks in advance.

Honestly, I wouldn’t do this.

Apigility is a project skeleton, and relies on several things:

  • That composer.json (and its associated composer.lock) is in the project root, to allow you to add and remove dependencies.
  • That the configuration, modules, and public directory are relative to the project root.
  • Related to the last point, that you can switch in and out of development mode, to allow caching the configuration, and, more importantly, disabling the Admin UI.
  • Related to the previous points: you should be able to install both in development mode (composer install) as well as production mode (composer install --no-dev). This latter is particularly important as, in production, you do not ever want somebody to be able to get to the Admin UI. When you do a --no-dev install, the Admin UI is not even installed.

The tl;dr: Apigility is a project skeleton, and should be installed per project, not at the system level, to ensure it works as intended, and that development features do not leak to production.


Thanks for your detailed answer. It certainly cleared couple of more things to me.