[RFC] Add configuration options to Mezzio Skeleton

I’ve been using the Mezzio Skeleton increasingly as part of generating applications for the tutorials I’ve been writing, both at Twilio and personally.

While it works really well, it would be helpful to be able to supply configuration options to answer the questions which it asks, such as which DI container do you want to use, instead of having to answer the questions manually.

For my particular use case, it would let me focus more on building the application and spend less time on scaffolding, unless there was a core reason to do so. What’s more, the command would be more compact. As it stands, I have to step the user through the answers to provide to each question. Secondly, I feel that the project would be seen as even more capable, because it’s automatable as well as interactive.

It isn’t necessarily a problem as it currently is, and I don’t want to portray that way. However, I feel that there is the opportunity to streamline the process, which may be of benefit to more standard use cases; which I appreciate mine is not one of.

It looks like it will continue in the issue tracker:

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I’ll chase it up there.