SOLVED: Starting services related to apigility

sorry for the noob question, but I just inherrited a server which has apigility installed.
It was working perfectly but we rebooted the server and the service is not booting up on its own.
It’s not find the service per se, in /etc/init.d.
How can I debug this. It seems that it was based on a docker image but “docker” gives me a command not found.

I realize that I can run development mode using
$ php -S 0:8080 -t public/ public/index.php
but how do I run production mode?

If I log into shell and execute
/usr/sbin/httpd -DFOREGROUND &
then apigility loads, but obviously I would like to have it boot up automatically on reboot.

Can’t find any errors in /var/log either


Solved: The previous administrator disabled the httpd service as a going-away present.
Also in centos 7 the service is httpd and can be checked using the command:
systemctl status httpd.service