Splitting zend-stdlib into parts

I’ve been developing zf2/zf3/expressive applications for years and the stdlib has always been floating around as a dependency for one reason or another. I never gave much thought to it as multiple components required it.

It’s a bit of a nuisance since stdlib contains relics like RequestInterface which have been subsequently replaced by standards - I cant count how many times I’ve accidentally used the stdlib RequestInterface when writing expressive apps. expressive does not use stdlib, but servicemanager does - only for the ArrayUtils.

I pulled down config-aggregator today for some prototyping, and stdlib followed - again for ArrayUtils. I wanted to merge some config files, and now there are things like ConsoleHelper and JsonSerializable floating around the project. It has become code smell.

ZF successfully migrated to components - can stdlib get the same treatment? Perhaps stdlib becomes a meta package for BC and the ZF3 components require only the bits they need (ie stdlib-arrayutils / stdlib-glob / etc)?