ZendService Documentation

Why are the ‘ZendService’ components e.g. ZendService\ReCaptcha, ZendService\Amazon, ZendsService\Rackspace etc. not listed in the current ZF Documentation?

They only seem to be in the ZF2 docs.

These have been long deprecated, and besides rare exceptions, are not actively maintained.

A little history:

Most of these originated in ZF1. One of the problems we had was that these often needed to evolve faster than the framework, however, as the APIs they each targeted often evolved quickly. As such, we chose to separate them into discrete packages. (ZF2 was still distributed primarily as a monolith until version 2.5.)

One thing that happened, however, is that most of these API providers ended up bringing their clients in-house, which meant our effort was redundant. As such, the majority of these are de facto abandoned.

OK. Thanks for explaining.

Does this mean that they created their own PHP clients? Like https://github.com/rackspace/php-opencloud/

Yes, exactly. AWS, of course, has extensive API clients, as do services such as Azure, Rackspace, and others for which we provided early clients. We definitely recommend using those, as they will always be updated faster than what we can provide.