ZF1 to ZF3 direct jump and related questions

Hi all - a newby here!

We are presently considering, for our new site, a CMS based on Zend Framework. I won’t say its name but I’ll tell that what makes it appealing is a lively ecosystem with a large number of existing plugins

What we did NOT like, was to discover that it’s still based on Framework 1 !!!

Our concern arises from the fact that in order to transform it in a livecams suitable platform (which is our final goal) we’d have to do a good deal of customizations - that wouldn’t be a problem per se, but what is it going to happen once the CMS will be migrated onto Framework 3 ??? Unfortunately we have no direct experience of work with the Zend Framework, but we read that Framework 2 was very different from Framework 1…

What will happen to our modules and plugins once the CMS is updated? Can we expect them to still work?

Or will we find ourselves in the very sad position of having to redo all our just-done customizations?

Please advise

Sorry, but I see no change to help here. We do not know the system and nothing about the modules or plugins of this system.
Maybe it could be difficult or maybe it could be easy – who knows? :man_shrugging:

We would have to guess, but that would not be an answer for your problem.

Sorry for my absence. The deed did happen. The platform is Social Engine 4.10 based (presently) on Zend Framework 1.12

I’m studying on Keith Pope book at present and reverse engineering their code. I will certainly come up with more precise questions in the near future. All help is very appreciated and welcome