ZF3 problem in Cache\Backend.php with PHP7

I have recently upgraded my O/S to OpenSuse Leap 15.0 and that installed PHP7 and Zend 3.2.0. I use bacula for backups and have webacula as a browser front end. I had some problems even getting this to work but eventually found ways around the problems but then I was getting two messages which seem to indicate bugs in the Zend framework. I am going to post separate reports for each.

This one is in Cache\Backend.php. The message is about each() being deprecated and on line 79 this is the case. Changing it to a foreach statement corrects the error.

Can you check the specific zend-cache version? We had recently released PHP 7.2 compliant versions.

Hi there.

Your message prompted me to look a little more closely at what is installed. I had assumed that phpinfo was correct when it told me that the Zend Engine was 3.2.0 but a closer look at the binaries and also yast tells me that what is installed is actually 1.12.20.

My apologies for not seeing this earlier but I was assuming that the phpinfo was giving me the correct information.


Ah yes, ZendFramework 1.x has been EOL’d long time ago, and won’t be adapted to newer PHP releases.

Don’t mix up zend-framework and Zend Engine

My mistake. I didn’t realise that the engine and framework had different versions. I also hadn’t noticed that, for reasons I’m still trying to establish, the OpenSuse Leap 15 packages only have the old framework even though PHP has moved to version 7.

Please don’t rely on the distribution’s zend-framework packages.
Use composer instead!

I am not familiar with composer. Can I use it to update the installed framework? I would be extremely grateful if you could give me some advice on how to proceed.

Best, you start with a tutorial.
Installation using composer is part of it.

Thank you. I will read it.