ZF3 MVC model listener / external API

hey guys,
i worked through the zend framework 3 tutorial and i have a situation like in this chapter:

I’m looking for a possibility to change an attribute on my model, after it is loaded from the database.
This is easy to do with the exchangeArray() function like in the tutorial, but i need to change my attribute by an external API or a registered service

Do you know how can i do this in my Bank model class? or maybe do i need to do that in the BankTable class?

I would like to call it like this…

<?php namespace Bank\Model; class Bank { public $id; public $bic; public $iban; public function exchangeArray(array $data) { $this->id = !empty($data['id']) ? $data['id'] : null; $this->bic = !empty($data['bic']) ? $data['bic'] : null; $this->iban = $externalAPI->decryptIBAN($data->id, $data->iban); } } Thanks in advance Stefan