Copy ZF1 to own repo in the package list

My company would like to move ZF1 to our own repo in the package list.
I have a couple questions

  1. Is It legal to copy ZF1 to a package list repo?
  2. if it is legal, do we have to have Legal review contracts?

I’m assuming by “package list”, you mean Packagist?

If so, you can, but make sure that:

  • You use your own vendor prefix. In other words, do not use zendframework/zendframework1, but rather something like yourcompany/zendframework1. You’ll need to change this in the composer.json of your fork, and use the same package name when registering with Packagist.
  • Make sure you clearly indicate in your fork that it is a fork.
  • Retain all copyright and license notices in all files.

Yes, you are right. Thank you.