CSS class Bootstrap3 in zend_form

I am starter in zend framework, i use zend framework 1.12.9. i have some problem with zend_form, i want to decorate my form using Twitter Bootstrap3 or personal CSS class, HTML tags but i don’t know how.
is there someone who can help me please?

Hey karango,

ZF1 is end-of-life, so if you just started with it, I suggest moving away from it as soon as possible.

As for your question, did you already see https://stackoverflow.com/questions/3157058/zend-form-add-css-class-how-can-i-add-css-class-to-label-in-zend-form

Okay, Thank you!
I take note of your advise, but can you help me link to set up zf2 on debian8 or linuxmint 18. this is 2 os that i us, debian8 come with zf1.12.9 and linuxmint18 with zend framework3.

You should not be using PHP packages provided by your OS! As you can see they are often out of date.

Zend Framework (and every other decent PHP project that exists) uses a dependency manager called Composer.

Follow the official tutorials, which will help you get started using the latest version of Zend Framework: https://docs.zendframework.com/tutorials/getting-started/overview/

thanks for your help…!