Resources for ZF 1.12 project?

I’ve inherited a project that was on 1.12.3. It was built using a bundle called “Rend” which is defunct. Whatever it was, doesn’t have a website or anything now.

I was able to get it updated to 1.12.20. My server is PHP 7.3 though I know there could be issues with that.

There aren’t a lot of resources I can find for trying to work with 1.12. The upgrade process to v2 is a bit overwhelming and not feasible yet, so I want to keep working on it as-is.

Trying to learn Zend 1.12 is like studying PHP from 10 years ago. There really aren’t a lot of tutorials or docs or YouTube vids or anything.

I’m looking for some help with how to dev on this.
For example, is there a debug bar or helper tool for seeing what templates/views are loaded, what controllers ran, what models were called upon, etc. Is there a way to see queries on the page, what the route was or where it points to?
As it stands now, I’m having a hard time figuring out what are all the controllers/methods/models/views loaded for any given page without having some kind of map.

It would be nice to have a way to get a snapshot of the whole project. For example what are all the routes and where they point. Can I get a simple listing of all the active controllers and methods?

I’m also potentially looking for some consulting or help to navigate the project and figure out where to add new code or at least understand it better. I’d be happy to pay someone just to hang out on a screenshare for a couple hours if they really know v1 well.

Any ideas?

I manage a few Zend 1 projects. I’d be happy to discuss it with you.

Thanks for the offer. Please PM me some kind of contact or chat name, Discord, Slack, Google, text, whatever.

I have made a little progress. I was able to use phpDocumentor to scan the project and product docs on it, so that’s a start.

Then I found this old debug tool. I also had to fix a few PHP issues before the tool would run, but now I can at least see the stack trace for pages.

I may still want some guidance if we can chat about details.