Is Zend-Feed Reader better than any other reader out there?

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First apologise for asking question in Issues tab, ( i did not find any other place to ask this question) so here.

I am particularly looking forward to use Zend Reader functionality (i don’t need writer or pubsub** etc).

I came across many github repos one famous is simplepie rss reader, as i am totally confused which one i should use. I am more inclined to use zend reader but saying this just based on popularity and contributors here are far more than any other reader out there.

As you guys might already aware of other feed readers out there as one of that is simplepie, could you please provide some technical comparison which one i should go for and why it is best choice. ( so it is like comparison between zend reader and simplepie )

This will help many other developers who are looking for feed reader, and will be easy to choose.

This is question not an issue but i will really appreciate you guys help here. (please don’t close this issue, let other developer share their views on it)

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The main reason why you’d pick the ZF one is security maintenance (we take
it quite seriously - doesn’t mean that others don’t, BTW).

Otherwise, a simple XSLT transformation on an HTTP response is also

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Thank you and yes you are right. Security is more important and if ZF support all available feeds format then it should be enough. I will give try to ZF.

One aspect about Zend\Feed\Reader we don’t talk about much is that it is pluggable in nature. This was done because both RSS and Atom allow you to extend their protocols, typically to allow additional elements in the feed. These are always namespaced, which is why using something like SimpleXML won’t necessarily work out-of-the-box. Currently, we support all mainstream extensions to the protocols, but if a feed uses additional extensions, you can provide plugins for both feeds and entries to Zend\Feed\Reader to allow parsing them and mapping them to data you can access.

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