Zend framework with wordpress blog?

I have an existing Zend Framework site from the Pietistic them. The Zend framework also
features modules and the blog module is installed.

The blog module in the Zend Framework is quite limited and I would like to have the blog
be in wordpress instead.

I’m wondering if anyone has experience installing wordpress in a Zend platform and the
best ways to go about it. I would like the wordpress blog to be integrated in the zend framework
and look like a seamless part of the website.

I’m wondering if wordpress should be installed in the root folder of the domain or a subdirectory?
Do I need to edit the htaccess file and how do I set everything up?

Wordpress is extremely squishy and un-abstracted code (reads: unmaintainable): keep it in a separate installation, then handle the switching between one site and another via .htaccess.

Thanks so much for the response. A separate installation in a subdirectory of existing site and then control with .htacess?