Help for integration PHPExcel

Hello to you, I am working on an improvement of a project develop with zf2.
I am having difficulty integrating PHPExcel.
I would like to use this library to import data from the file to modify the data in the database.

Can you describe your problem in more detail? Thanks!

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First of all, you want to use PHPSpreadsheet, not PHPExcel, since PHPExcel is deprecated.


I second this, do not start anything with PHPExcel, the project has been dead for 4 years now. Instead use (or another alternative).

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ok thank you, I had to make the observation. and I used the library RdnCsv which solved my problem.

I know this doesn’t help anyone, but just for conversation’s sake: last time I needed to deal with Excel data I saw that the PhpExcel project was on the way out, and its successor PhpSpreadsheet was not yet stable, so I turned to a Python solution – it was cli stuff, so it didn’t matter. Happy ending.